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Trust the Process

Trust the process... your probably thinking what does that even mean coming from a Success Coach... Yes having a plan is everything when you have goals but after that plan is put in place you have to trust the process and believe everything is as it should be. Honestly with a good plan, and setting your intentions there is absolutely nothing that can keep you from getting to what was meant for you.

Here are a few things that will help you with trusting the process

Do your work- We all have work to do when it comes to the life we live we all have scars and challenges that we have faced but here's the thing we can either fall victim to them or be survivors in spite of them. what ever it is, be it, childhood trauma, a breakup, poor choices, sickness, ect we have to address them so that we can move past them. Doing your work also means acknowledging our flaws and short comings and accepting them. Our greatest power comes from being responsible and accountable for our life and the choices we make.

Be versatile- If there is one thing that I learned is life happens, and can change in an instant... sometimes its best to be willing to change your plans if life calls for it. Being versatile does not always mean changing your goal or focus, but allowing enough space for life to happen. Remember most of our road blocks come with valuable lessons and most times its not the destination but the journey that is the most rewarding.

Believe Everything is as it should be- When I say this to myself a sense of calm comes over me. It allows me to release my need to control things and just accept things as they are. It allows me to see that the choices that I have made have led me up to this very moment and whatever that is happening is exactly what should be happening and is most likely whats best for the long run.

Stop stressing- I know easier said than done but honestly what good ever came from stressing? Have you ever stressed over something and when you looked back it wasn't as bad as you made it to be? If you find that you are stressed just breathe, find a quiet place and take a few minutes to de-stress focus on the number of breaths and try to steady them. Take a walk or even a run and when you have a clear mind try to focus on a solution instead of the problem.

Life is a journey, its a process, and when you accept it you become in sync with your destiny and pulled toward it with a deeper understanding and calmness.

Trust the process we always end up right where we are meant to be, right when we are meant to be there.

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