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Balance: 3 Simple Steps to Create a Balanced Life

Balance is today's word... as we prepare to enter into this week let's think about all of the hats we wear daily... (me I'm a mother, a wife, a Social worker, a Success coach, business owner, a friend, sister, cousin, daughter... and the list can go on and on...) The key is to find balance in your life by planning, having a schedule or structure, so that you can make time for the people and things you love as well as the tasks and jobs that need to get done... to get started follow these three simple steps... 1.) prioritize spending time with people who nurture, support, and love you, 2.) clear your schedule for regular dates with your partner, family,& friends, 3.) acknowledge quality i

Meditation: The Benefits & Getting Started

There are many benefits to regular meditation. It only takes a few minutes a day and once it is embodied into the daily routine, meditation becomes the best part of your day! Think of meditation like a seed when you nurture the seed with time, attention, and love it blooms into a beautiful flower. Meditation allows you to pause and refresh, and recharge your day. So if you want to dive deep into yourself and enrich your life follow these steps. 1: Posture, make sure your spine is upright with your head up. If your body is well-balanced, your mind will also be in balance. 2. Keep your eyes open, and at a low soft gaze. (closing your eyes may make it easy for you fall asleep). 3: Focus, when y