Yoga is the process of Self-discovery where you learn how each part of you works together to create synergy. Through this process, you cultivate the ability to be fully present, which will naturally shift your perspective about yourself and your life. 


Life coaching 

Life coaching is a process of creating relationships and developing partnerships with clients to inspire and support them to reach their maximum personal and professional potential. 


How yoga & life coaching connect

Yoga teaches us to live in the present moment. Life coaching offers supremely useful tools to practice presence every sing day off or on your mat




I attended a Zoom Yoga session and not only does my mind feel at peace, my body was throughly stretched and engaged with the vinyasa flow! Her instruction and guidance was clear and I definitely plan on taking this class weekly!


The class was awesome. I am a beginner and Ms. Gardner had great patience. I love it.


Nurture Div

Hands down the best yoga instructor in South Jersey!!! The first time in my life I felt this amazing after a hour long work out!!! I highly recommend this Earthly Queen!! Just amazing