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Self Care

Here at Art of Ascending self care is extremely important, so much so we have cultivated our own self care line "Ascension". Our Self Care line was inspired by our own deep need for taking time for self. We wanted to promote the "little things" that matter and that are easy enough to incorporate into daily life but big enough to have a profound impact.

Self Care promotes positive health outcomes such as fostering resilience, living longer, and becoming better equipped to manage stress. Self care is anything you deem important in that moment that gives you peace of mind.  

Inhale deeply, hold,  hold, & release...  Breathing is literally our life force if we don't breath we die, yet and still it is something we take for granted because our bodies allow us to do it with out thinking. Self care can be as simple as taking conscious breaths. Breath work (pranayama) is such a powerful self care tool as our nervous system holds on to trauma. At the mere mention of a traumatic event our body will respond. Pranayama or controlled breathing can be used to help relax the adrenal system and ease chronic stress. This is an important tool to have and needs to be  consciously utilized  daily. 

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