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Focus is essential to all parts of life, whether it be applied in a relationship, business, or task. Focus is important because it helps us to maintain until we reach the end goal. Just think about it for a second… When in a marriage the ultimate goal is to create a life with your partner that is filled with love, selflessness, happiness, and a bond that can withstand even the worst of times. When you get married most people recite a vow, which is a promise to love, honor, cherish, protect, and forsake all others, and holding only to your spouse forevermore. It is also a promise to have and hold in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and I a promise of love forevermore. Now I just want to say that I AM NOT a relationship coach but when we apply focus to marriage you can see where a marriage may go through a tough patch especially when you mix all of the outside factors life throws at you such as bills, responsibility, hobbies, views ect. When a couple gets caught up in everyday life such as career, work, family, extracurricular activities, the focus on what is most important can be easily lost; and if not redirected it can turn ugly and even lead to divorce. Now you may be thinking how we went from vows to divorce so fast… but the simple answer is FOCUS... the couple lost focus on what was important, eachother, their promise that they made to love each other through the good and bad, the beauty and the ugly.

The best way to stay focused is to:

  1. Write down what’s important and the end goal so you never forget the big picture!  It keeps priorities crystal clear and eliminates wavering on core values.

  2. If working on a task concentrate on the more difficult things in the morning when your brain if fresh then leave the easy work for later in the day.

  3. Allocate your time. Time is something you cannot get back, and many of us play many roles, so distributing times throughout the day will ensure that each role, or task gets the proper attention that is needed.

  1.  Ex. As professional career woman, mother, and wife (just to name a few) I have to ensure that all of the important areas of my life get the time that it needs so that it can flourish and maintain. Monday-Friday I make sure I wake up early enough to allow myself quiet time so that I can get myself ready for the day but also time to meditate and prepare things for my family without any distraction. By doing this I get my family prepared for their day and my day is free for me to be a professional. When my work day is done I leave work at work and come home to tend to my family. That may look like cooking, going to the park, bath time, and then finally time and attention goes to my husband. Allocation of my time allows me to do my best in all areas that are important to me without half stepping.

  2. Limit distractions, cell phones, emails, people, and things.

When you make it a point to focus the things and people that are not necessary or that do not add value to your life or goal will start to fall off and fall back. So today FOCUS!