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Stay In The Know!


Dear future Ascender,

This is a Trigger warning!

Life can get tough but you made it this far… take a second and appreciate it…you made it! You are not here on this page by accident… you are here because you are ready… everything in life has prepared you for this moment… the moment where you make the choice to step into your purpose, live the life you believe was meant for you, unapologetically, with all of the audacity, and free of fear…

When you make the choice to step into Ascension you are agreeing from that point forward to drop what no longer serves you, be it a dead end job, toxic relationships or traits, fear of the unknown, of success, or of failure… Yes elevation is a choice and a commitment to celebrate life, & yourself! You are choosing you, making your happiness a priority, protecting your peace and maintaining your energy so that all that is for you shall see your face.


Welcome Ascender you have arrived!

About Coach Courtney

Experienced Life Coaching Professional

The Coach
Courtney Gardner, Success Coach, CSW,
M.A. in Human Service Counseling,
Author, Owner, & Success Coach of The Art of Ascending LLC 

200hr Certified Yoga Teacher

As the Success Coach & owner of The Art of Ascending Courtney does more than just create individualized plans. With more than 10 years of Social work & business experience, she is obsessed with taking a vision and bringing it to life. There’s no goal too big or business too small as Courtney is in love with the process. So much so that her first published book walks the reader through the steps to build, create, and follow through their own plan. Yes she’s a two time published author as well as a certified social worker and yoga instructor.  Courtney believes that if you can envision it, it’s already yours. If you can make it work on paper the only thing standing in your way is taking no action. Courtney is a natural motivator, humanitarian, and go getter. She’s an asset to any team. Courtney is the Vice President of Sistatalkphl a non-profit organization that focuses on the empowerment, education and engagement of women and families.